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Pop Up Petting

Our mobile petting zoo events are based on our adorable FlockWorks goats and also typically include various other small farm animals like ducks, chickens and bunnies. We raise all of our animals to be friendly, but to be first animals and second comfortable with humans. In other words, we do not (unless their is no other choice) raise our goats as "bottle babies" and all of our animals live with their respective herds or other companions. 

Why do we think this is important? First, many times when animals, especially goats, are raised with people they do not really learn how to fit into the herd and associate more with people than with other goats. Second, they can become overly friendly (to the point of being obnoxious) and not give a realistic expectation of goat behavior. Third, when they get older they tend to interact with people as they would with goats, which can mean head-butting and challenging people... especially little people.  


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Roxbury, PA 17251


Phone: (717) 417-8683